Is it really THAT important to wear sunscreen?

Short answer: yes! And you should be wearing SPF 30-50 everyday.

Here’s why:

  • You may not think twenty minutes in the sun could possibly do that much damage. But you are wrong. Even a few seconds of sun exposure without SPF protection will mutate your cells and could lead to a form of skin cancer later on. Gross.


  • It can take up to 30 years (what!!) for sun damage to appear on your skin. Which means those years you spent at the beach with little or no sunblock (and you thought, hmm I don’t really get freckles or dark spots so I must be all good!) will catch up with you. You are not invincible! Start slapping it on now to avoid future #skinproblems.


  • The sun causes dark spots on your skin. So if you’re trying every kind of spot cream and skin product to try hide them, the easiest solution is just to exfoliate, and load up on sunscreen.
  • You should be wearing sunscreen EVERYWHERE. Not just your face, not just your shoulders. It should be applied to your eyelids (if you’re worried about getting it in your eyes, try a sunscreen stick, or just wear sunglasses that have both UVA & UVB protection). Or try an eyecream with SPF in it like Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care Ultra Protection SPF 30, or Clinique Sun-Care Lip/Eye SPF 45. Also apply to the tops of your ears, your hairline, and everywhere from the neck down (don’t forget the tops of your hands & feet).

Clarins Sunscreen Wrinkle Control Eye High Protection SPF 30clq_6NH6_402x464

  • The sun causes wrinkles (but you already knew that. But you didn’t wear sunscreen anyway). So for anti-aging reasons, wear sunscreen. Wear it everyday, even if you work in an office. You drive to & from work (see point 1).

These have been only a few tips. There are so many more reasons we should look after our skin by wearing sunscreen. If you’re worried it means you won’t tan, you will, just not as much, but at least you’ll have beautiful glowing skin as you get older. & there’s always bronzer 🙂

So always remember to be kind to your skin. Don’t let your bad habits now, end up being a burden on your skin & skin health later on in life. Slip, slop, slap & wrap!! You’re welcome. 🙂


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